What type of paint should I use for a Kool Deck touch up

Maintaining Swiming Pool

Kool Deck is a concrete pavement brand invented by the Corporation in 1962. Mortex are often found around pools and other places where a non-slip surface is appropriate, lumps and pits of unusual coating technique requires a specific form of painting. Fortunately, several options are suitable for this application.


One option for touch or increases in applications is the Systex paint line. As a product of Mortex society it is specifically made to work with surfaces such as Kool bridge. In addition, Systex paintings, available in a variety of colors, are designed to withstand foot traffic, scratches, water, weather and pool chemicals. It can be applied on a wet surface, so no need to leave the area around the pool to dry first.
Contact Mortex

If the product is just a touch of the original color, a client bridge Kool might consider contacting the company directly Mortex for a color match. At the time of installation, the Kool Deck can be installed in a variety of colors, including custom colors, which means that the company can match custom colors. If a consumer has difficulty matching the paint sample in other places, she might want to contact directly Mortex.
Low glare

Whatever the brand of paint is selected, choose a shade that does not reflect the glare of the sun, like a bright white. One of the advantages of Kool platform, as its name suggests, is its ability to remain calm under bare feet even in bright sunlight. If the paint is too reflective, it could go some way to undo this advantage.